What to wear

—Convention of Sinterklaas, 1611

It’s long been a tradition of Santacon that dressing up your head is not enough. Full Christmas apparel is mandatory, not just a Santa hat or a pair of antlers. But it’s also traditional for Santas to celebrate their diversity by rocking a riotous range of red ensemblesrobot Santas, punk Santas, cricket Santas, sexy Santas, superhero Santas, and a plethora of individualised, accessorised, uncategorisable Santas. Be imaginative with your outfit; the wackier the better. We guarantee you won’t feel over-dressed! Below are some exampleswhat can you come up with?

Basic Santa
Basic Santa suits are available from fancy dress shops and supermarkets for about £5 and begin to fall apart as soon as you put them on. Tips for sporting one:

  • The belt will break instantly. Use another one.
  • It won’t to keep you warm. Wear layers.
  • Safety pins will help it last till the afterparty.
  • Get a separate hat. You’ll see.
Slightly-less-basic Santa Fully-accessorized Santa
Sci-Fi Santa Wtf Santa
Scantily-clad Santa Elegant Santa
Elf Reindeer
Try explaining it to children
Frankly missing the point

Photos: Garry Knight, Jemimah Knight, Annie Mole, Charlie Owen, Josh Roulston, theshangrila