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Open Santa Invite for Christmas Day – All Creatures Welcome

Calling all santas, minced pied out or not, looking to continue the sherry
merry with fellow Santae in Seven Sisters, and get into some serious stable stuff.
Witness hooves of fire! Prance to some tail swishing beats, even howl at your lesiure..
We are throwing open our home grotto doors for a xmas day party. just need to
bring one ingredient. ping off list for the address if you re interested

reindeers ESPECIALLY we need you....

What we do know is how to throw an awesome paws up and we are doing it
25th December 2009.

This event is for all you lost reindeers that will left frightened and
alone during the "festive" season staring into a boiling pot of veggies
for one on Xmas day.

We will be rigging a little stage for Doggy DJ's and Kitty choirs. If
your in a band or a DJ and want to play let us know, if you want to
sing your favourite tune, let us know and we'll accompany you. If you
play an instrument bring it along and we'll have a huge jam!

Theme: Come dressed as an animal and see what species get it on by the
end of the night. Or alternatively, see who else comes dressed as the
same animal as you..... maybe you could make some beautiful animal
noises together!

Contact 07746198985 for more details and address :) 
Love from Santa

After the Afterparties… Feedback please, Santa!

Hi Santa,

We hope you enjoyed the 2009 marathon of fun, and managed to stay the course.  It was good this year in that there were no serious incidents, (no one fell off a lion for example) but a few things didn’t go according to plan both on the walkabout,  and at the finale parties. Whilst this is not unusual given that we are an organic, plastic disorganisation, DO help us to make 2010 even better by giving us your feedback!

What was good and what was bad about the day?

What are your dreams for next year?

If you had a bad (or a good) experience at any of the finale party
venues, please let us know. This will help  us plan events
in future. (including where we might return to and where we will never
set foot in again).
Likewise, if you witnessed anything untoward, it would be helpful to put the
picture together…

Finally, if you have been to more than one Santacon and want to help out in 2010, drop us a line.

Merry Holidays!

love from the Santa Elders