When is Santacon?
Saturday 14 December 2013. Ten days before the next shift, Santa.

Where can I buy tickets?
The main event isn’t ticketed–just make sure you read the guide and show up in your outfit. There are tickets for the cinema and Finale Party though. See below.

What about the cinema?
The trip to the pictures is part of Santacon, Santa. Ever sat in a cinema with a hundred people who look exactly like you? Now’s your chance! Buy your tickets here and then make sure you’re at the Prince Charles cinema before 11am when the film starts. When the film is over, onwards we march…

What about the Finale Party?
The Finale Party is for continuing the merrymaking into the night, Santa. Well, until about 3am anyway. Yes, tickets are needed for this bit too and they’re only five quid at the mo. Buy them here.

What time do Santas meet, and where???
The meeting point(s) and time to meet is revealed on this website (and Facebook) twenty-four hours before Santacon starts. Yes, it will be in London. Somewhere in zones 1 & 2.

Whereabouts in London do we go, and will Oyster Card credit/tube tickets be needed?
Santacon always takes place in central London. If Oyster Card credit/tube tickets are needed, this will be stated clearly when the start points are announced.

How long does Santacon last?
It starts late-morning in four different places, and ends in the early hours at one place: the Finale Party! Of course, Santa doesn’t have to go for the whole day. The Finale Party starts at 7pm so that out-of-town Santas can still have a wiggle like a bowlful of jelly before they have to get the train home.

Do you have a guide to the day?
Yep, read it and download it here.

What route are we taking?
There are actually four routes that all start at different places and converge in the afternoon. The starting points are revealed a day in advance and Santa herders lead Santas along the routes on the day. Twitter feeds are kept up-to-date with where Santas are headed next, so lost and late Santas can meet them.

Can I just turn up in a Santa hat?
If someone came down your chimney in jeans and a Santa hat, would you welcome them into your house as Santa? Of course not! Santa wears a full Santa outfit, that is a rule of Santacon. But you can come as an elf or reindeer too. For help with your outfit, see here.

What do I wear?
See here.

Can I turn up as reindeer/elf/turkey/Easter bunny?
Of course, though the last one may not be understood.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
See the Official Santacon Guide for guidance on that.

Are you on Facebook?
Here and here.

Are you on Twitter?
Here all the time, and the Santanav feed is active on the day.

Can I be drunk and antisocial?
Absolutely not. If you’re making those sorts of plans, then we don’t want you to come. Santacon is about spreading goodwill, not ill-feeling.

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