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Santacon 2013 start locations!

Finally it’s time again, Santa! Time for us to set off on a tour of London, spreading goodwill to all, giving sweets to kiddies, and thumbing our jolly red noses at the red-trouser naysayers.

As usual, Santas will be setting off in four groups from different starting points. After visiting the city’s nooks and crannies—cobbled streets, arcades, market squares—we will converge into one big parade of Santae and head for some of London’s big sights.

One extremely important thing Santa:


Santas need to give Trafalgar a wide birth so as not to disturb the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Please pass this important notice on to every Santa you know.

So where are we going? To find out the 2013 starting points, click here.

20 days to Santacon

It’s TWENTY DAYS to Santacon! Yes Santa, you have about three weeks to brush off the red felt, the white fur, and all your Jingle Balls! Sorry, BELLS! On Saturday 14th December, hundreds of Jolly Santae will be taking to the streets of London for a non-profit, non-corporate, non-commercial and non-sensical parade of festive cheer.

It doesn’t cost a single chocolate coin to attend, Santa, but you do need your outfit. And that means more than a bloomin’ hat. Check out What To Wear for inspiration and remember that other Santa personnel are invited too (ELF!). The best-dressed Santa/elf/reindeer/turkey might even get a prize…

Make sure you read About Santacon for fortified Santa wisdom on how to enjoy the day as well as carol sheets to download and advice on using the SantaNav (got your Designated Santa?). There’s also a few don’ts, e.g. don’t be antisocial, don’t throw sprouts, don’t be THAT Santa!

Lastly, let us know you’re coming on Facebook, Santa, and keep your eyes (or sprouts) peeled for updates here and @londonsantacon. We’ll be advertising Finale Party tickets soon, and cinema tickets are already available. Also, Santa will also be shouting out for HELP from Santa volunteers in the next few weeks: flag carriers, route planners, musical Santae all wanted…

Can you take on Santa? And WIN? HOOOOOOOOOOOO!

On the 11th month of Christmas…

On the eleventh month of Christmas my true love gave to meee…
11 Lips a-kissing
10 Tan-ger-ines
9 Eggnogs a-necking
8 Reindeer sledding
7 Santa helpers
6 Diamond snow queens
Some naff aaafter shaaave
4 Easter bunnies
3 Gift vouchers
2 Sexy stockings
And an iced fruit-cake with glace cher-ryyyy….