Monthly Archives: December 2010

Grotto Ga Ga

The Grotto idea seems to be in a state of disruption, alas. There ARE functioning grottae this year and a big heads up to the wonderful Wheelie Bin Sound System and their Santas Ghetto Grotto. Many of you are sadly homeless when it comes to grotto though. Never mind Santa. Just come along and look for people like you and invite yourself to join them, whether it be the Santas with blue in the beard, the Ukelele playing santae, Pirate Santas, Cyber Santas, Steampunk Santae, Punk Punk Santae, Santa’s fillies with Mrs Claus on a hen night Santae,  Green Santa, Smart Chap Santa, the Reindeer boys, the lovely elfin folk (yes we love them now!) or whatever you fancy. Be original if you like. See if you can be the only santa in his class!

Photo-Opportunity Santa

At the finale party at Bloomsbury Bowling lanes there will be a festive set and a professional photographer (and her able assistant) to take photos of you. If you would like to record a formally posed portait of yourself as Santa – this i the place to do it. If you want to get papped for posterity with the new Santa friends you made onthe day so that you remember who they are when you come round on Monday, this is the place to go. The photo studio will commence at 9 pm and end at 1 pm and photos will be £5 per shot (not per person). Please Santa try not to rah the booth and fall on the trees, and try not to molest the elf. Please, by all means though, encourage people to sit on your lap. This little corner of the Kingpin Suite will be our LAPland… HoHoHO…