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Get Ready to Bowl!

Howdy Doody Santakin!

ARe you getting ready? bought the fun fur to trim up your outfit and insulate yourself against the cold? Got the big boots and the thermal socks ready? got some nice red underwear to strip down to if it gets a bit hot in the bars?

By Now you should have downloaded and read the Santacon Guide – yes? Then you won’t have any questions!

So just a reminder that it is on the 11th – it starts in UNDER 2 WEEKS! Are you excited yet?

Tickets for our usual Early bird Cinema Start and Grande Finale Party are now on sale . The lovely folk at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square have got us a BRAND NEW film this year – “Rare Exports” which is just about to be released – what a scoop! DO book in advance as the rest of the world who have not seen it yet might book santas tickets, and we know that really we just want a cinema full of SANTAE!

The culmination of the day is a right Xmas Banger! We are going to go to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (there are lanes reserved for Santa on a first come first served basis on the night).The Bustin” Loose boys have got us a handsome package of Live Bands, performance and neat beats to see us through to 3 a.m. The Bowling Lances is a fabulous venue – retro kitsch, over many levels, karaoke rooms, cinema and a bar with better beers than most. There are football tables a 50′s diner and it is home to the largest pizza in London – a 26″er. Santa might need some friends to share it. That of course will not be a problem as at Santacon you know everyone’s name – SAANTAAA!

Book your tix now my Red Brethren, it’s going to be a big red throbbing double hander of a party – and advance tickets are only 5 pounds. Yes, at that price they ARE going fast…

Gotta Dash -

Love and Peace to all the family xx

Are we getting Excited Santa?

Well Hello there Santa!

With only 3 weeks and ONE day to go, My Elfen butt is getting incredibly excited, what a great time we all had last year!  Here are some pictures to inspire and excite you over the next 22 days ….


Santa at the Ice Wharf


Drag Santa finds a reindeer – of sorts


Santa takes over the Fun Fair


Elves can come in handy!

and of course, last but not least, did Santa not well and truly take over Trafalgar Square? 16632_250152437208_505592208_4703314_2468017_n

So what does your grotto have planned this year?  Please let us know, Santa loves ideas, comments and updates of fellow Santa costume and grotto efforts!

Lots of Love

Merrry Ho – Santa’s *favourite* Elf

breaking news

Breaking News.

This year Santa has decided to step into line with the Elf Liberation Front’s demand for equal rights for all Elves, Reindeer and Snowmen. The ELF, with the support of Reindeer’s Union, (Red Nose), managed to push through the Christmas Creatures Discrimination Act, after last year drew record complaints from Elves, (and th ier supporters), who felt that aggression towards them had reached crisis point.

A representative from ELF, Squinty McElflan, is quoted as saying “We deserve the same respect and protection as any other minority, besides, we are ones that actually wrap your presents, so unless you want to find some extra unpleasant, squelchy surprises in your stockings, you better leave it out” He then shook his little fist, jinggled his bells angrily, and stormed out of Santacon HQ.

Talks will resume on Monday

santa’s grottos

Hellohoho! Calling the Santa faithful. This year we are again suggesting that you jolly folk join Grottos. Because Santacon has grown to include such a large number of Santas, Reindeer, Elves etc keeping everyone together and feeling the Santa-love has become a difficult task. Last year we asked you Santas to set up individual groups, (Grottos), that you would organise and ask other Santas to join. You will still be part of the Santacon massive, but you will also be part of a sub-group that will facilitate fun, befriend you, and keep a benevolent bushy browed eye on you.

These Grottos of Santa, which could have any number of participants, should have fun themes, or perhaps plan activities that their members can take part in, along the lines of your theme. Please make sure that you stick to legal, fun activities please, Santa is a lovely, fluffy fellow and does not do politics, prejudice,(and this includes Elf abuse, which got very nasty last year and was totally un-Santa), or petty larceny, and are going to be pretty essential in keeping everyone in the loop. As it means that individuals stand less chance of being lost or swamped by the huge crowd, they will increase the fun factor for everyone, it also means that you can decide on the tone of the sort of Santacon experience you want to have, you can go for an inventive, arty experience or just keep it simple and celebratory. jinggle

Anyone can form a Grotto, you just need the inspiration, aspiration and, eventually other Santas to sign up to become part of your Grotto. Let us know the name of your Grotto, and any themes you may consider that will be of interest to those Santas who may want to join you. Your group could consider joining up with other Grottos that may have similar themes. We will post your details on the page so that others can decide if they want to join. It maybe that you are already planning to attend with a group of friends, if so, then a Grotto is already in the making.
Can the Santas who lead Grottos last year please let us know if their Grottos are still up and running this year otherwise we will assume they are defunct and Santas will not be able to sign up with you.

A big merry HO to you all

love Santa xxx

Santacon Party 2010

Santa is looking for a party …. fingers  crossed we will have news soon, and then tickets will go on sale immediately. If you want to make sure you get in, do buy  in advance. If we all arrive in a bunch there could be 6oo santas in front of you in the queue!

How are the outfits going?

Santa Stirring……

SANTACON 2010 – Official Notification -<(;O)>

Saturday December 11th

Join in by joining a GROTTO or by forming your own.

A grotto is our term for a group of santae who hang out together and have a theme or creative twist  of some sort. Look at some of the grottos listed on this site for inspiration.  If you form a grotto and want it listed then let us know all the details.  You do still have to follow the basic santacon rules and code of conduct on the front page of this site, but we can list you and keep your grotto informed of plans for the big red convergence…

Ho Ho Ho…. Santa is warming his chestnuts and looking forward to trying the newly minted chocolate coins!